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Never trust a Vampire (E-Book)

Never trust a Vampire (E-Book)
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Autor Scott, Diana

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Never trust a Vampire

von Diana Scott

When Kimberly and Angela encounter the attractive brothers Nicolas and Vasco Santos suddenly nothing is the same as it was. The men with the incredible eyes are vampires, as beautiful as they are dangerous. And they have their own plans for the two friends ... while Angela cannot resist the seductive games of Vasco for long, Kimberly leads a futile fight against Nicolas Santos. The powerful vampire is convinced that the pretty woman is part of an important prophecy which will determine his fate and the fate of all vampires. When the mysterious Jacques attempts to win her favour, Kimberly begins to realise that she has much more to lose than her mortality ...






Roman, 416 Seiten

ISBN eBook (PDF): 978-3-86254-994-8

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Never trust a Vampire (E-Book)
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